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How to Pursue an Awesome Career in Data Science

Data science is such a hot career option now! It is now known as the highest paid job to get into. It seems to be the it job right now. But how much of that hype is based on absolute facts? Let’s dig deeper into it! Of course, the increasing demand for data science professionals is taking the earth by storm. Every company is trying to find the best talent who can understand the data and they can communicate it in an aesthetic and beneficial way for the company. What are the top reasons to pursue data science careers?

  • Many colleges are trying to create undergraduate data science programs for students. People from different academic backgrounds such as statistics, computer science, engineering, mathematics and natural science can pursue this certification in data science. However, some data professionals do have degrees in social science, medical science, economics, and business. In addition to that, there are plenty of options if you don’t have the time to pursue a regular degree. You can apply for certification in data science or perhaps an online Master’s Degree. You can take the certification in data science practically from anywhere in the world, with the option to study at your own pace.
  • Unlike other fields, data science careers have a lack of competition. There aren’t enough data scientists available in this field. Employers are always looking for the right candidate who can extract data and are expert in statistical modeling and analysis. Most of the candidates don’t have any of these skill set which is a great opportunity to get into data science careers now!
  • Because of this fact that now data scientists are in huge demand and the supply is so little, the organizations have dedicated themselves solely to find the right professionals. While in other fields, the competition is cutthroat, as a data professional you just need to let the recruiters know that you’re seeking a job, yeah just like that! The need is so extreme that recruiters will try to entice you with a lucrative package.
  • After becoming a data scientist, you can practically work from anywhere in the world, the universe! Data scientists are being employed in every part of the world, everywhere practically! As a matter of fact, the highest salaries are based in the USA which may lure you to look into this career option. Obviously, the technology sector needs the most of the data scientists but other industries have also started to imbibe the impact of data science on their services and products as well. A lot of data scientists work for gaming industries and only 1% work for government firms.
  • Data scientists can earn sometimes more than the doctors. Yes, you heard it right! The annual base salary of the data science manager can almost outrun the surgeons! This means without the extra years of medical school and fees, you can earn more than the doctors which is kind of cool.

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