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How to Erase The Secondary Memory of my Phone?

Many people do not even know what is secondary memory? Well secondary memory is nothing but the additional memory that one adds to their smartphone. Having additional memory is good as you can store extra things on your phone. Data wipe for computers is also important if you are handling over the device to someone else.

And if you are going to buy used mobile phones then also choose to take a device that doesn’t have any memory stored in it.

These are the basic things one must have before they want to clear your phone.

  1. Remove Sim card- the very first step is to remove your phone’s sim card as all the contact details are all stored in it. If you do not remove your sim card before, then you will never come to know the contact details stored in your phone and then clearing the data will be difficult, and the person whom you are going to sell this card will have no urgent need of this so giving away your contact details and sim card makes no sense so clearing this secondary memory is also important.
  2. Remove your micro sim card – if you have a micro sim card remove that as well before giving it to your new seller, though these micro sim cards are hard to remove but make sure you remove them and clear all the contacts details before giving to the new buyer of your phone.
  3. Erase and format your SD card – Now SD card holds everything, your pictures, music and even videos so erasing these personal details and things is very important before giving It to someone else, now normally people do not give their phones with SD cards but if you are then make sure you erase it before giving. How to erase an SD card? Go to the setting application of your smartphone and then connect the phone to the laptop or PC.

And then format the whole SD card directly but before that you can save the data and files in your Device or PC.

But if you do not format is properly the card device will recover the deleted data again and so the best option is to not give your SD card to anyone.

Even while giving away your hard drive one must completely erase their data, do not give the hard drive if you do not erase the data in it properly.

One must know that these hard drives need to be either erased by a professional or completely destroyed if they have any confidential details as the data from these drives can be completely regained if they are not erased properly.

Other than this one must even make sure that their internal storage is also deleted properly before they give their device or sell it to someone else. As any file or data can be misused or recovered from the recycle bin if not deleted properly.

The author of this article has completed graduation in the electronics engineering and perusing masters in the same field. She has complete knowledge about data wipe for computer . And if you buy used Mobile phones as well it shouldn’t be having the previous owner’s data.

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