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How Dating Apps Changed Our Marriage

Dating Apps

Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge are bringing people closer to each other than before. If you are married and you want to cheat on your spouse, then these are the dating apps you may be tempted to use. They make it easy to order a person virtually. Married people are now feeling worried because among the thirty percent of all married Tinder users. There are a good many that are being dishonest with their spouses.

Thousands of married people want to cheat

This means that people in their thousands are potentially thinking about cheating on their spouses. If you also add those who use Ashley Madison, then the numbers of people who are cheating on their spouses are truly worrisome. Experts feel that these dating apps are changing the way married people behave – more so, than was the case prior to the introduction of the Internet and dating apps.

The Internet promotes experimentation

People go online to experiment. It can be likened to going down the street and window shopping for prospective mates. After looking at someone appealing, there is a good chance that a married person may want to buy into an illicit relationship. Many married persons are using Tinder because they have heard a lot about it. They may come across someone who is cool and well-educated. Once they got matched to each other, it did not take long before they started to chat. Eventually, they would provide their phone numbers and soon, it could lead to the start of an illicit relationship.

Married people are becoming interested in casual hookups

Married persons may initially want to try a dating app like Tinder for Married. At first, they may only be interested in a casual hookup. It is not uncommon for married men to look for a casual encounter. Most of them don’t have the time or energy to develop a serious relationship outside of their marriages. Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge make it easy for them to find a casual hookup, and this could be the first step to the dissolution of their marriages.

Married men crave physical intimacy

Mostly, married men look for casual hookups after their wives show a disinclination in sex, which normally occurs after the wife has given birth to a child. At such times, married men who are craving physical intimacy would not hesitate to look outside their marriage for that intimacy. Since they are fathers, the thought of divorcing their wives is not appealing. The next best thing, in their minds is to have a casual affair.

Sexual frustration

When either of the spouses becomes sexually frustrated. They turn to dating apps like Tinder and Hinge to find someone who is willing to solve their sexual frustrations. They look to these dating sites to look for someone who will make them feel wanted and they may also take the next step which is to cheat on their spouses.

Married people want to explore a new side to themselves

The Internet has led to greater compartmentalized lives. Some married persons want to explore a new side and hence they turn to dating apps to find something exciting. Some of them become impulse cheats and they don’t consider this form of cheating to be wrong.

Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge are disrupting marriages though in some cases they do this in a good way. They may actually make the marriage better because they make people choose their mates in a wiser manner. The ability to make smart choices is however not what every married person possesses. Hence, if they are not careful, they could easily cause their marriages to break apart.

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