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Global Market for Cancer Immunology and Oncolytic Virology

The global cancer immunotherapy market should reach $96.5 billion by 2021 from $73.0 billion in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7%, from 2016 to 2021.


Goals and Objectives
This report, PHM129B Cancer Immunology and Oncolytic Virology: Technologies and Global Markets, provides an overview of the current and potential global market for cancer immunotherapy and oncolytic virology. This report provides information on most clinically significant types of cancers, with supportive information on historical incidence and mortality trends. It underlines the importance of more effective and personalized treatment options for these diseases. The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state and the future direction of cancer immunotherapy. Additionally, the report also provides information on the current developments in oncolytic virology and introduces the promising products in clinical trials. The conventional treatment paradigms, trends in each market segment, and clinical trials and outcomes are provided along with sales figures and forecasts for cancer immunotherapy and virotherapy products from 2015 through 2021. In this report, the critical evaluation of the products and markets is based on extensive primary and secondary research from industry sources. The evaluation takes into account regulatory policies as well as demographic and epidemiological factors that strongly influence the oncology market.
Reasons for Doing This Study
The aim of this report is to provide detailed information on the new areas of cancer immunology and immunotherapy. Considering the shortcomings of the current treatment paradigms, immunotherapy has provided ground-breaking improvements in the treatment of different types of cancers. Growing clinical information stresses the importance of immunotherapy in cancer treatment. Immunotherapy addresses the need for more efficacious and flexible treatment strategies for managing the global burden of cancer. This report focuses on the new and latest types of treatment based on immunology. It also features oncolytic virology, a field that is still in its latency, with budding treatment options that promise clinical value for the treatment and management of cancer.

Intended Audience
This report is a comprehensive study of the global market for immunotherapy and oncolytic virology. It includes statistical analysis of industry-oriented information on available and pipeline drugs; discussion of technological trends; and analysis of market landscape and structure in terms of market size, market segments, and geographical market regions. This report provides crucial information about market growth in cancer immunotherapy and oncolytic virology as indicated for the most common types of cancers. The in-detail analysis and forecasts of the market will be of interest to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as to healthcare providers and clinical and scientific research institutions. Additional audiences may include investment firms in this sector.

Scope of The Study
The scope of this report covers current cancer immunotherapy markets for most common cancers. The market segments included in this report are therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (with special focus on checkpoint inhibitors), synthetic interleukins, interferons, and colony-stimulating factors; small kinase inhibitors of cancer-related targets; protective and therapeutic cancer vaccines; and adoptive cell therapies. This report also covers treatments that are in development for late-stage and early-stage oncolytic viruses. Detailed epidemiological information, discussion of incidence and mortality trends, overview of regulatory landscapes, and analysis of market shares for leading products and companies are also included in this report.

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