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Flaunt Your Curves in a Fabulous Plus-size Boudoir Shoot

“Are you thinking about doing a plus-size boudoir shoot but you don’t know enough? If so, then please give this article a good read”.

If you have been body-shamed and have lost some confidence, then let me also tell you that letting negative comments affect you would only make your haters win! You are much more than that – you are sexy, confident and an inspiration. You are beautiful and you can celebrate your curves through a fantastic boudoir shoot.

There is nothing to worry about because our talented Seattle Boudoir Photographer knows how to capture your curves with the right angle and make you look absolutely stunning. Be unapologetic of yourself love and start prepping for the shoot. But before that, take a look at this article so that you are prepared before you jump into it.

* You need to understand that a plus size boudoir is not different from a regular shoot. Every body type has angles which would flatter them and a few which wouldn’t. So the same applies in your case. You do not need to panic or stress yourself out! Have a drink or two if you want to feel relaxed. With flattering angles, the right camera and of course, the Des Moines Boudoir Photographer, you will be able to rock the shoot!

* Also, you should know that an experienced Denver Boudoir Photographer will talk to you about the concerns you have. If you have any kind of issues that are bothering or worrying you when it comes to the shoot, then please let her know. Otherwise, you will wish you had spoken up! Writing down tips on clever posing and also talking about the wardrobe options are always recommended.

* You should also talk about limits. In my career, I have seen many curvy and beautiful women shed of their inhibitions and have pushed their limits for the shoot. Some other has stuck to their beautiful lingerie. Trust me, they are a classic choice and you can never go wrong with them! So, you need to take your appointment about that as well. You need to find out what you want – go topless and pose with a cute pair of shorts, look sensuous in some lingerie, or just go for oversized sweaters or t-shirts! Want some embellishments to give an enticing look? What about sequined heels? No matter what you wear, feel 100% confident in it!

* Now since this is no different from other kinds of boudoir shoots, you need to visit the salon as well. If the hair color has faded, get it refreshed. Get your nails done, preferably in a nude shade. And yes, don’t forget to do the waxing!

* Lastly, drink plenty of water so that your skin glows on the day of your shoot. Also, apply tons of moisturizer and lip balm several days before the shoot to avoid any kind of bad skin horrors!

Was this helpful for you, diva? If yes, then don’t stop reading my other articles on San Francisco or Austin Boudoir Photographer.


Author Bio: Ruby is a Des Moines Boudoir Photographer as well as a lifestyle blogger and she regularly writes on boudoir photographers’ skills and abilities. Read her articles to know about boudoir shoots by a professional boudoir photographer.