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Extending lifespan of your computer

Computers are not that expensive as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean you want to change them all the time. Installing RAM or increasing hard drive capacity help to improve performance instantly. Other than this, keeping your system physically clean, and following some essential preventive measures can add years of life to your PC.
Properly maintaining your computer
Computers tend to slow down due to large amount of activities we do, virus activity in our system, or due to a full hard drive. A little maintenance can help your computer run like new.
Download program and hardware updates
Install updates to programs and drivers for your hardware, for the smooth running of your system and increased life span.

Keep it sparkling
Almost every system becomes filthy with dust, and dirt. If left without care for a longer time, the stain can choke the hardware inside your PC, generating more heat which leads to poor performance.

Keep it properly ventilated.
Ventilation is another important issue when it comes to heat. Fans help disperse all that heat. Unfortunately, as time passes, those fans suck in a lot of dust and pet hair, which get accumulated to the point where components don’t cool properly and the fans themselves get clogged. The heatsinks and fans in your case will struggle to keep the PC cool if the machine’s surroundings are unventilated.
Stop hard drive issues before they blow up
Hard drives can become damaged due to inappropriate shutdowns, crashes, and other issues. This corruption can damage files, cause system unsteadiness and blue screens. However, the corruption can usually be found and automatically repaired by running the Check Disk tool that comes with Windows.

Protect against power surges
Any fluctuation in power can really upset computers since they are made up of sensitive circuits and components. Make sure to check your surge protector’s status as your PC’s life could depend on it. It is a good idea to completely unplug computers during lightning storms.

Protection against malware
Protect your system from malicious threats like virus, worms, Trojans, spyware to keep your data safe and secure. These malicious programs not only compromise your sensitive data but also reduce the performance of your system. In some extreme cases, they even bring your system to a halt.

Clean up your desktop
You clean your room by taking off the unwanted things. In the same way, clean your desktop by freeing it from the unwanted files and folders you do not require any more. This will also help to speed up a slow computer.

Avoid Smoking and Snacking
Do not smoke, drink or eat near your computer. If a liquid accidentally spills on it, expect to have a damaged motherboard. Smoke from cigarettes leaves a sticky residue on internal components causing damage to them.


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