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4 different Patterns of Indian Kurtis for Females in India

Kurti or Kurta whichever name you want to pronounce, the meaning is same, this tunic has become the talk of the town these days and It has got all the qualities to be the no 1 outfit in ethnic wear fashion. In fact, a lady doesn’t require any special occasion to wear this attire because kurtis designs catalogue has got many varieties and each masterpiece can fit in any circumstance. That’s why we. see Girls are wearing kurtis at wedding function and also at a condolence meeting. So, let’s see some of the latest patterns of this interesting outfit for each different age group

For working woman

To make an impeccable impression at Office, a lady has to be in her best forms and sober designs of kurtis can do that for them. There are so many patterns like Lakhanvi  , shirt-type, straight-cut, Pure-white  So a working woman can simply add this kurtis in a wardrobe for an outstanding appearance. Now they can present a great sense of style at the office and by doing so, they can easily manage to create a great impression in the corporate world

For college girls


Young college girls always feel that they can never have enough kurti-styles in their closet. Anyhow they try and purchase the latest designs from online stores. But to add a little bit of versatility in appearance, they should only be eyeing on Digital printed or indo western style kurtis. These styles are particularly designed for modern girls and suited best on them. So, all the college going girls who are reading this post should only ask for these types of kurtis designs at any store when they go out shopping

For a married woman 


In past, Saree & blouse was the only Attires for Every Housewife in India, but slowly and gradually the trend has started to change as a result we can see that kurti has taken the place of the saree& blouse. Now at home housewives can wear a comfortable long tunic, sober cotton kurti and plus size Kurtas. Even when they go out shopping or at functions, they have multiple options to choose from a huge collection of Kurtis. These styles are designed for a lady between the age of 30 to 40 so look for a suitable style and you can find thousands of patterns on Google. Moreover, retail shop owners can also find out superb patterns online especially for married female age between 30 to 50 so they can purchase the whole collection at affordable rate from Kurtis wholesaler In India.

For mature woman 

The Indian dressmakers have not set any limit for kurti-designs and while crafting this tunic they are not only thinking about Young woman and that’s why today we see Moms and Grandma in comfortable kurtis. Plain colored, double-layered, straight-cut, these all styles are available in plus size so they have many options and they would love to utilize each option every day.

Hope you like above classification for kurtis next time we also come up with the interesting post so stay tuned with Us