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Employee Experience is the new thing in HR Careers

The rhetoric you may call it, but gone are the days when employee engagement was the ‘be all and do all’ of talent retention. The world is new and so are the talent retention ways. The new thing to have become the cynosure of everyone’s eyes is employee experience.

Those who don’t know it when was the last time you upgraded your talent development certification? In the ever-flowing flux of HR careers, not knowing anything will take the talent away from you. It’s a world of ‘may the best team win’ and ‘may the odds be ever in your favor’- but to keep the odds in your favor, you have to keep playing. Ensure that the talent development certification course you choose is the combination of best traditional practices and the novel ideas originating in the dimension of HR careers.

Employee experience, in a nutshell, is the sum of a worker’s perception of their roles, company culture, technology, workspace design and all other elements that are bound to affect their perception. Mark this: Earlier you gave them spaces to work, today they give you specifications of spaces they would like to work in. (They, as in, the professionals).

Employees are seen as customers. So, customer experience became employee experience. After all, they work more than one-third of their day with you and then if they have to commute to the workstation from a distance, then that adds up to half of their day. Why would’ they ask and why shouldn’t you provide the best of corporate amenities and company facilities to them.

Check out what and why the companies find their place in any ranking for the best companies to work for by Glassdoor or Fortune. Who would say ‘no’ to working in these companies? The reason isn’t the fact that they rank there high on the list but the simple fact that they offer the best in the world amenities at the workplace to the limit that work feels like home and home feels like work. To cater to every employee wishes, they hire the best HR professionals in the world who come with their experience and any necessary talent development certification.

Companies, the likes of which are, Airbnb, General Electric, Adobe, and Southwest Airlines are bringing in the change followed by the rest. They knew and leverage the kind of colors the millennials prefer, the vibes they like, the seating or standing arrangements at work, and even the lighting condition overhead. All of this new developments are giving rise to the concept of design thinking and propagandizing the futuristic workspaces.

The current generation of workers is different. They settle for nothing less. Design thinkers, HR enablers, and workplace futurists have to come together to design workplaces. If your company is anywhere between the spectrum of ‘nothing’ and ‘less’- zoom past it into the realms of employee experience supremacy. For it is the now. For it is the future.

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