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Content Ideas Inspired by English Wedding Invitations

You can be all playful with the designs or the colour combination of your Indian wedding cards. You can even tweak the shape and size of the invitation but there are certain rules to abide by when it comes to the content of the wedding invitations. The content should be in flow and should deliver the information very clearly. For this post, we are discussing what to write in your Indian wedding invitations that are inspired by English wedding invitations:

  • Write the names of the hosts

For most of the times, it’s the parents of the bride and the groom or grandparents that play the host of the wedding event. The wedding invitations have their name on the top. You can include the name of both the sets of parents in your cards as a token of respect and gratitude.

  • Requesting the guests to come

As the heading suggests, this line is where you request your guests to make their presence at the wedding. The line should be very gracious and should imply how much you appreciate their presence on your “big day”. There are many options available which can be put to use like “Would love you to join us” or you can go with “we cordially invite you to bless the event” or “Request the pleasure of your benevolent company” and many more. You can also send eye catching handmade gifts with the invitation. Apart from it you can use “Honour us with your gracious company” which looks very generous. There are so many options of the requesting line that is available at your disposal.

  • Name of the bride and the groom

The name of the bride and the groom should be written in the centre if they’re not hosting the event. Though, if the bride and the groom are hosting the event together, there are certain rules to abide by like mentioning the name of the bride prior to the name of the groom. But if the wedding card is going from either side, then the name of the respective party should come first.

  • Date, time and venue

The writing style of the date and time vary according to formal and informal wedding cards. For instance, if you’re sending the cards to the relatives and colleagues, the formal style should be chosen and this information should be written in full letters and not in abbreviations. The date should not be mentioned in numerals but in full letters. The time should also be mentioned very clearly and in “o’clock”. You can be playful when it comes to an informal wedding invitation.

The address of the venue should be stated clearly as well. You can give some directions too to make it clearer. Name of the street, city and state should be mentioned in full.

  • Dress code

If you’re planning to have the dress code, you need to mention it very clearly and it should be mentioned on the lower right corner of the wedding card. This is considered an ideal place to mention the dress code in Indian wedding cards.

These are some of the content details to take care of when you are designing the Indian wedding cards.