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Cigisped: What makes for expert yacht transport via the Mediterranean?

Yacht transport via the Mediterranean is a great “enterprise”: here is how to recognise companies that are best equipped to handle it 

Imagine having to make use of yacht transport via the Mediterranean to enjoy the unadulterated joy of a cruise aboard your boat, travelling to places you have never seen before. Imagine having to move your yacht for work, for more urgent purposes in other words. The first concern that you would have would concern finding the most professional and capable company for an undertaking that – as is clear to see – is truly difficult.

Crossing the Mediterranean requires the suitable experience, skill and means. The fact is that, apparently, it is not easy to unravel the various offers on the market when you have to move your boat through this sea. So, here is what makes a company that deals with yacht transport via the Mediterranean truly expert.


1. The availability of the appropriate and highly-specialised means of transport

If transporting a boat abroad is a great undertaking that requires the right means, we can already imagine what kind of tools are required by the companies that deal with yacht transport via the Mediterranean. The most reliable shipping companies in terms of the services supplied analyse the dimensions of the yacht entrusted to them with extreme care. They may discover that their means of transport are unable to guarantee the sufficient space.

In this instance, what makes the difference between a truly specialised company and a less expert one is their ability to use dedicated ships for yacht transport with highly-specialised equipment. There are transport companies that also use semi-submersible ships and lift-on/lift-off ships. These are high-performance ships that contain an enormous cargo hold which allows even mega-yachts access, before they are brought on-board.


2. Specialised, trained personnel who are always kept up-to-date

People intending to entrust their boat to a company with consolidated experience in yacht transport via the Mediterranean would do well to assess the company’s strengths. One of these is represented by the skills and professionalism of its personnel. Indeed, the corporate mission can only be achieved with the help of expert personnel that are able to maintain and improve on high quality standards.

The increase in its market share, the territorial expansion into new international destinations, including the Mediterranean, all depend on them. Just as the increase in the number of clients and the turnover of sea transport companies depends on the contribution of employees. Given this, it is easy to understand how crucial modern, ongoing and responsive personnel training is, and which focuses on meeting the needs of every client.


3. Precise organisational capacity

Yacht transport via the Mediterranean requires a sizeable investment both in terms of resources, effort and tools, as well as in terms of the time taken for the long journey to be tackled crossing this immense sea. Everything must be organised and planned in the best way. The right amount of labour is required. Every employee must be assigned an extremely well-defined task, so that everything falls into place perfectly. Every step of transport must be completed perfectly in order to move on to the next, complying with the means and times established in advance.


4. The steps concerning yacht transport via the Mediterranean are as follows:

  • Consignment of the yacht;
  • Examination and supervision when boarding the yacht;
  • The allocation of highly-specialised means for yacht transport;
  • Shrink wrapping of the yacht;
  • The supply of cradles for yacht transport;
  • Fulfilment of all custom procedures;
  • Supply of insurance cover;
  • Assistance at the destination ports for unloading and delivery operations.


Thus, the list of obligations that must be put into place for yacht transport via the Mediterranean, as you can see, is extremely lengthy. Possibly much longer than you imagined. This is just another reason why you should hire a company able to guarantee a boat transport service for any category, without limits of weight or size. Nothing can be left to chance and the entire operation must be completed to the highest degree possible, safely and efficiently.

Whether we are talking about luxury yachts, super-yachts, large yachts or mega-yachts, trusting a serious company is a choice that cannot be overlooked.


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