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How to Stay Fit this Rainy Season


After enduring a long and merciless summer, the first rains of the monsoon feel like a blessing. But for those who are susceptible to health conditions like common cold and cough, it isn’t long before these rains turn into a curse. Children and the elderly in particular are affected by …

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Common Misconceptions About Dental Implants

Dental Implant

For many years, the only option that people suffering from tooth loss had was to get it fixed by dentures. But with the advancement in the field, their are better options available for people with tooth loss, one of them being dental implants. The choice is better than the other …

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7 Simple Steps To Naturally Whiten Teeth With Charcoal


People living in the United States of America alone spend around 1 billion dollars on teeth whitening products in one year itself. This goes on to show the amount of consciousness that has developed over the years and the desire to have pearly white teeth. Teeth become yellowish gradually, as …

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Benefits of Buying Health Insurance at an Early Age


Most people delay their decision to procure health insurance until they are older. This is because they think that they are young and healthy and do not require such coverage. Like most of these people, you may assume that no medical emergency may strike when you are young especially if …

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Nanobots: The Brand-New Development in Nanomedicine Opens New Opportunities in Treating Chronic Diseases


The emerging technology of nanobots offers better chances of fighting chronic diseases such as cancer. Moreover, further developments in nanomedicine market can create opportunities such as the development of artificial antibodies and artificial RBCs and WBCs. Nanomedicine is a domain of medicine that utilizes the knowledge of nanotechnology to prevent …

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Essential Guide to Ayurvedic Treatment in India

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is the therapeutic side of yoga. It is the conventional and traditional healing framework of India which has been in practice for more than 5,000 years now. There are a number of Ayurvedic resorts which have turned out to be prominent goals for unwinding and revival in India, while …

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How To Build Muscle On A Plant-Based Diet


We all strive to look amazing, whether it’s for the world or ourselves, but this path is always littered with obstacles. Does anyone truly think it’s easy achieving the look you want? It takes a lot of guts, motivation, and a wish to skip over all the obstacles and reach …

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Positive Impacts of Music on Health


It is saying that music is good for the soul. But music is beneficial for health and soul both.  After many types of research, it has found that music therapy has many positive effects on physical and psychological conditions such as good to control anxiety, depression, dementia, and cancer.  It’s …

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Elderly Homes towards Senior Citizens

There has been a gradual increase, a paradigm shift in the development of senior citizen health care in India. To help poor elderly population, several NGOs have come up with various initiatives in order to provide a safer environment for the suffering individuals. Whether day care homes or permanent residencies, …

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