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The Different Signs of STDs


The first thing one should find out about STDs is who gets them. These sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate: You can be of any age, race, religion, financially secure or not, any education level and hold any job from a blue-collar one to a CEO. You could be a …

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5 Lies About Swimming During A Period We Need To Stop Believing In


“Swimming sure looks fun. Too bad I’m on my period.” Ladies, how many times have you been placed in this awful situation? You see your family and friends swimming and enjoying the cool waves, while you’re merely basking on the shore. Or worse, since you’re on dry land, you are …

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A Rising Concern: Mental Stress in Youngsters


Mental health is part of your overall health. Most people do not really give importance to this area because the symptoms do not always manifest physically. It is now alarming that the case of mental stress among youngsters is now considered as one of the reasons for some critical illness. …

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Looking Good and Feeling Great Over 60

anete-lusina-387741-unsplash (1)

Last year, people over 65 spent £6.5 billion (₹618 billion) on clothing alone, proving that fashion and feeling beautiful isn’t just for young women. This summer’s trends of airy, comfortable clothing are perfect for older women who still want to keep up with trends, and older women who defy trends aren’t behind: they’re timeless. …

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Living with Thyroid Disorders


The thyroid is an endocrine gland that produces hormones which govern many activities in the body such as calorie burning and energy consumption, the body’s use of vitamins, the growth of body tissues and heartbeat regulation. Different types of thyroid disorders There are certain kinds of disorders associated with the …

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Hepatitis – A Liver Condition That Can Be Easily Prevented With Personal Hygiene

hepatitis virus

What is Hepatitis? It is in Latin means inflammation in English. Hepatitis means inflammation in the liver cells. This inflammation in the liver cells can occur due to multiple reasons. The cells in the liver or the Hepatocytes are the most powerful cells in a human body, for recovering from …

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Foods To Fight Bad Breath

Foods To Fight Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis in really tough on anyone. It makes one feel embarrassed in striking conversation with people. Poor oral hygiene is the result when your breath stinks. Those who suffer from this problem are more likely to face tooth decay problem than the rest. However, this condition is …

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7 Steps to Lose Weight by Cycling


Do you know that cycling is widely considered to be one of the best exercises for weight loss? It helps you burn lots of unwanted calories. Cycling is a fun, exciting, adventurous, and enjoyable physical activity. Additionally, it’s a low-impact form of exercise that suits everyone (irrespective of any age …

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Get details information about different types of ENT problem and treatment procedure

ENT problem

If you are suffering any type of problem in your ear, nose, and throats then take the advice of ENt specialist and get the perfect ENT treatment for you. In India, you will get many well-skilled and best ENT surgeons who are known as otorhinolaryngologist. This is a very important …

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