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Pregnancy comes with inevitable hormonal changes and weight gain. After delivery, the focus then shifts to taking care of your bundle of joy and getting that pre-pregnancy body back. Of course, the baby’s health and their well-being should be the top priority, but with time you may feel the need …

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How to Make Weight Loss Easier?


When you want to lose weight, you can often feel impatient about wanting to achieve your target weight and improve your self confidence. You create an image in your mind of your perfect body and will stop at nothing to achieve it. However, after the initial thoughts of determination, you …

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The science behind the time you work out


It would be very surprising if you haven’t heard the phrase “timing is key” at least once in your life. The importance of timing in helping you reach your goals efficiently has always been emphasised.   But, it has been given more attention recently in the exercise and nutrition field. Nutrient …

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Tips To Maintain Your Health Naturally


Living a healthy life is an aspiration of many and a dream for some. Being healthy and staying healthy are two very different things and more often than not, people mix them up. Being healthy means that you’re healthy at the moment and you get sick fairly rarely. However, staying …

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Simple Ways Older Adults Can Get Fit at Home or Outside


Staying physically active becomes more important as you get older as it’s the key to longevity and, more importantly, a happier life. When you get moving, you boost your energy levels, maintain independence, keep a healthy weight, lower your risk of heart disease, ward off depression symptoms, improve coordination, and …

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The Transforming Scenario for the Elderly Health Care

One of the worst sights to see is distressed parents conforming to old age homes. Whatever may be the alibi, separation from one’s children, from one’s own abode is one of the excruciating phases mostly, which is uncalled for. Although the elderly health care provided within the ambit of many old age …

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The Importance And Significance Of NGOs In India

The contemporary society of India is in the pinnacle of development both in terms of infrastructure and economy but despite every good that’s happening around us, the perils of poverty, gender inequality, vulnerability doesn’t seem to throw off their weights anytime. The most adversely affected are our children and that’s where NGOs in …

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Kratom leaves are prominent in Southeast Asia. The scientific name of this plant is Mitragynaspeciosa. Although Kratom has many medicinal values, it was on the verge of being categorized as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA in 2016. Kratom has stimulating properties, and it is commonly used for preparing …

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Home nursing planning for Senior Citizen Health Care

Life becomes agonizing for senior citizens who live separately or never bore any children. Healthcare for senior citizen is a major concern in India and the crisis is being mitigated with the best ways possible for a long time. It demands multi-disciplinary approach to encapsulate various aspects of lifestyle, mental, physical and social well-being, transportation, logistical …

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