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5 Lies About Swimming During A Period We Need To Stop Believing In


“Swimming sure looks fun. Too bad I’m on my period.” Ladies, how many times have you been placed in this awful situation? You see your family and friends swimming and enjoying the cool waves, while you’re merely basking on the shore. Or worse, since you’re on dry land, you are …

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Will VR/AR be ever so prevalent?


In the modern era, technology is growing by leaps and bounds, providing us with a number of products that have met our imagination and also amplified them to great extents. Now, while some of these products become a part of our lives easily, others go up in fumes faster than …

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How The Right Home Studio Setup Can Produce A Platinum Album

drew-patrick-miller-305-unsplash (1)

Remember the nostalgic Bon Iver album, For Emma, Forever Ago that went platinum last year? It happens to be the home recording success story of the decade and all it took was some basic equipment, an incredible falsetto voice, and visionary musical craftsmanship to put together. But Bon Iver wasn’t the first …

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How to Pick the Right Fit Swimming Ear Plugs


We’ve all ever gone for a swim and afterward come out with water in our ears, haven’t we? .This situation is very irritating and the water in our ears makes us very uncomfortable and during that time we only hear muffled sounds. For some of us who’ve been here before …

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5 Mobile Games that All Cooks and Chefs Will Love


There’s something inherently fun about cooking games that seems to attract us all, but if you happen to be a cooking enthusiast or a professional chef, then these five games available for the Android and/or iOS platform will entertain you even more. Cooking Master by Mouse Games The basic idea …

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Is RV Travel Right for Your Family?


Perhaps because of the Walking Dead-obsessed culture these days, many more families are choosing a nomad lifestyle. It could also be because RV travel offers opportunities for adventure, family bonding, and valuable life lessons for kids. Of course, taking your family on the open road indefinitely does present its challenges. …

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Best Bike: Our Buying Guide to the Right Bike for You


With public transit, car services and increasingly walkable cities, there are plenty of ways to get to your destination nowadays. But, there are few joys that are as simple – and as accessible – as having your own pair of wheels to ride down the road on and take the …

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How to Set Up the Perfect Gaming Room


Having an entire room dedicated to your hobby that you can work on and improve as time goes by is something many people aspire to have. It’s a place where you can relax, unwind, and have a great time by yourself or with friends, whether they’re online or in the …

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