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Does it make sense to learn SAS in 2018?

SAS training

Two years ago this question would have sounded insane but now it is a valid question. SAS was developed by the SAS Institute for advanced analytics in between 1966 and 1976. The software suite had been dominating the markets for business intelligence, statistical analytics and later data analytics for four …

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Things that you should do before writing your essay


You may or may not know this but, the best writing occurs in several stages. Even before you can begin writing, the very first step often involves coming up with a great idea- and this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Even with a clear prompt and a firm …

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Coaching: Enjoying the Experience


Congratulations, you just got talked into coaching a youth sports team! Now, what do you do? Children learn many things from playing organized sports. Your approach to coaching plays a big role in what the team members will take from the experience. There are a few things to think about …

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Is it a Good Idea to Learn Hadoop in 2018?


The big data analytics industry is one situated on continuous flux. It is never stable in terms of technologies used or customary practices. The Hadoop software suit, however, has stayed in the market for so long that at one point it had become synonymous with big data. Hadoop ecosystem was …

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5 Accomplishments That Are Better Excluded From Your Resume


A solid list of accomplishments on your resume allows you to demonstrate your maximum potential and work ethics. It’s quite tempting to include every experience, achievement or skill you’re proud of to impress your prospective employer. Unfortunately, you can’t fit all these on a piece of paper or two – …

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Tips For Keeping Students Engaged In Class


Bored, Half-Asleep, Daydreaming in the class has been a phase in our life which we are not proud of. A recent survey found out that most of the students, sum of school in two words “Bored” and “Tired”. As a teacher, the task of keeping the class engaged and interesting …

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Scholarship – The Key to Unlocking Your Potential


As they say, a small push can be a giant leap. Moreover, when it comes to nailing any of the two most prestigious competitive exams – NEET and JEE, any push is a good push. Winning a scholarship is one such push that helps students secure their future without worrying …

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Why you should choose IIT online test series?

Study Steps

The pressure of the exam is already high and the competitiveness is already drowning all your morale, thinking of joining the test series for the better preparation of IIT? No worries, join IIT online test series and settle yourself anywhere as it is easily accessible from your home, from your …

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Be Creative in Learning

The education market is currently valued at $100 billion and is set to double by 2020. It is therefore deemed imperative that the 21st-century skills are further integrated to empower students to thrive in today’s competitive world, says Dr Saroj Suman Gulati The word education is rightly observed but not …

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What AnalytixLabs Gurgaon reviews tell about exposure with analytical tools

AnalytixLabs Gurgaon reviews

Many aspirants nowadays are embracing analytics as a career option particularly because of the monetary benefits and growth opportunities.  Additionally, as analytical science has successfully been able in garnering immense popularity for over a few years, it is expected that this trend will create more opportunities for competent analysts.  Therefore, …

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