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Can I install a Flat Roof?

Earlier back in the 1960s, flat roof were very famous and people were only installing flat roof as it was convenient for them at that time. Now a day people have drawn towards metal roof, wooden roof, shingled roof, tiled and glass roofs. Flat roofs are considered old fashioned by many, but yet they are installed in some places. Flat roofs are good for garages. Many people are still intrigued by flat roof as it is easier to clean and maintain and you can easily take a walk on the flat roof.


A flat roof contains 16 different elements, each serving a different purpose to hold the roof properly above our head. If any element is missing or installed improperly, the roof may decay sooner or in worse situation it may collapse right into the house. So, if you want to install a flat roof by yourself, it may not be the right choice unless you have past experience of roofing. Reading magazines and watching roofing installation videos are not enough. You need to consider the fact that a roof is something that lasts for a long time and requires good amount of money. Doing it yourself without proper experience may result in spending more money in future and bringing an accident into your house. Call roofing contractors downriver Michigan and get their help.

A flat roof needs to have at least 1-1.25 degree angle or slop in order to get rid of the rain water or snow water. Otherwise your roof would remain wet for a long time and eventually it will cause decay. Water stuck on your roof may lead to leakage in the house too. It will also create rust, moss etc. Water drainage for a flat roof is very important. Ask your roofing contractor to make a good drainage system. If it is installed properly, the longevity of your flat roof would increase.

Flat roof coverings are readily available in the market. The options available would surely impress you. You can use waterproof coverings; it will make it easier to maintain your flat roof. There would be no issue of cleaning your roof dry after a rainfall. The water would on its own dry out soon.

There are options like roofing felt, cold applied roof coverings or mastic asphalt etc to cover your flat roof. Depending on your budget and choice, you can pick it.

If you flat roof starts to leak, find the leak as soon as possible. If you cannot find it yourself, call a professional. There is no point in waiting. It will only increase the problem further. If you notice spitting on your flat roof, it is time to call the roofing contractors. If there is any sign of blistering, your flat roof needs some repairs.

If the problem is small, go for patch repairs. It is cheaper and if you have some knowledge on it, you can do it yourself.