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Blast Off With Space-Age Fashion

Although the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States was decades ago, the spirit of interstellar exploration has been revived in the realm of fashion. Nothing says this more than the rocket launch at Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel fall 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week.

With the bleak stream of world events that have been occurring lately, designers in the fashion industry have been looking to the stars to inspire individuality within themselves. However, before hopping online to get your latest astronaut print dress and metallic leggings, beware of sites that are more scam than fab.


The Dawn of Space-Age Fashion

The 1960s was the birth era of space-age fashion. World events have a large impact on designers and what they create. As the USA and USSR fought to see who would make it past earth’s atmosphere first, fashion designers were in a race of their own.

In this race were designers such as André Courrèges, Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne. Each one embraced the notion of exploration through style and material. Creating a striking silhouette was a must in this trend as well as geometric patterns and shimmery, plastic materials. Headgear and glasses were a staple of this style as well.

The Re-Orbit of Space-Age Fashion

As we get caught up with the fashion industry around the world, space-age fashion has already made a comeback on the runways in Paris. The social explanations behind the trend’s reemergence are vast, ranging from political escapism to the deep-rooted collective desire to celebrate childlike awe and creativity.

Fashion is one of the first ways we are able to express the ourselves here on planet earth. It only makes sense that in this era of political upheaval and uncertainty, fashion trends are taking to the stars. Even top designers like Jeremy Scott are delving into outer space themes. His fall 2016 collection and spring 2017 show featured planetary patterns and shapes through sweaters and dresses.

Donatella Versace also made headlines at her fall men’s show with her button-adorned space-age suits donned in shimmering silver and blue fabric. Other current designers worth mentioning are Humberto Leon and Carol Lim with their collection featuring metallic clothing and space patterns. Even the European Space Agency has partnered with fashion schools just this past year to create space-inspired fashion.

Scams That Are Out of This World

So you’re sold on space-age fashion. Just hold on a sec before you jump onto your computer. Which online store you use is just as important as what you wear. Be on the lookout for these telltale signs of online fashion scams before you make any purchases:

  • Be wary of ads on social media. Make sure it’s from a reputable site before making any purchases.
  • Pay close attention to the site’s URL. Scammers will sometimes copy well-known online stores and just add in a few extra numbers or letters to deceive you into thinking you’re on the right site.
  • Make sure the site is secure. This can easily be checked by seeing if there is an “s” in the “https://” part of a site’s address.
  • If a website asks for alternative forms of payment such as gift cards and wire transfers, exit out.

How to Protect Yourself

There are some things you should always do when shopping online. One of those things is to use a different password for each site you use. Although it may be a burden to write them all down, it will really help you out if one of these sites turn out to be malignant.

That way they won’t have access to all of your accounts by the information you gave them. Also, when making passwords, make them at least eight characters long and use a variety of letters, numbers, and symbols. If you want to be extra safe, then use a prepaid or secured credit card to make your transactions.

This will make it so that only a certain amount of money can be accessed, instead of your entire bank account, if these online scammers get your information. Follow these and other financial tips protect your wallet even more. Earn extra savings by employing online shopping hacks that will help you get the latest styles for the best price. When shopping for clothes online, follow these tips and your wardrobe will be more than stellar.

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