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At-Home Tourist

The United States is a beautiful country. It has everything from lush forests to snowy mountains, all the way to the driest of deserts. Before traveling the rest of the world, be an at-home tourist. See more of the country you call home.

See the Coast

Fifteen states lie along the Atlantic Ocean, and five have access to the Pacific Ocean. With so many options to choose from, you have no excuse not to see the coast.

  • North Carolina is a gorgeous, historical strip of beach. Look into North Carolina coast rentals to discover it for yourself.
  • Seattle is the northwesternmost point on the US map. Full of Native American culture and boasting the first-ever Starbucks, the Emerald City is worth visiting.
  • For a slice of paradise, book a trip to Hawaii. White beaches and colorful flowers are the perfect backdrop for sipping mai tais.

Mountains Majesty

From the Cascades to the Appalachians, America is home to many mountainous regions that are worth seeing.

  • The number of mountains in Alaska is no exaggeration. Anywhere you decide to travel you are guaranteed some fantastic views.
  • Shenandoah National Park, nestled in Virginia’s reach of the Appalachians, is a hiker’s paradise and a photographer’s dream.
  • California’s Sierra Nevada is home to wildlife of all kinds. Clear blue views of Lake Tahoe will take your breath away.

One With Nature

If hiking and camping are your favorite things, look beyond your own state. Forests and national parks are all over the country.

  • Nickerson State Park will satisfy your itch for pine trees and hiking trails. Massachusetts never looked so good!
  • Camping under the great big sky is Glacier National Park’s specialty. Montana’s camping hub has 13 campsites to choose from.

With 50 whole states to visit, there is so much to see within America by itself. Take the time to see as many of those states as you can.