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Adventure awaits – Amazing things to do in Rishikesh

Rishikesh a perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience peace and fun outside their typical city life. Filled with backpackers from all over the world this city has something to offer to everyone who visits here. It is the 7th largest city in India. Famous for various yoga ashrams and temples this city will fulfill your search for tranquility. The great river Ganga is the heart of this city and because of that only it has attracted pilgrims from all around the world who is in search of their Gods and Goddesses. So every particle of Rishikesh has been praised by the religious sage.
It is a city filled with numerous activities for many adventure lover and it is the name on everyone lips when they are thinking about a getaway for some adventure activities.

A hub for adventure activities this city has lots of amazing things to do if you are seeking adventure.

1. River Rafting
Hands down the most popular adventure activity in RIshikesh. Your trip to Rishikesh will definitely be incomplete if you didn’t try river rafting here. It is probably the best thing to do in Rishikesh as confessed by many adventure lovers coming to this divine city. With wave after wave hitting your boat you will never have a second to rest during your fun activity.
Best Time to do:
Anytime throughout the year apart from monsoon will be good enough to try your hands at river rafting.
River rafting charges:
Anything from Rs 400- Rs 1300.
2. Bungee Jumping
What a heart stopping adventure jumping freely from more than 80 meters above from ground with nothing stopping you between you and your adventure junkie. It will be the most unforgettable experience of your life as told by many.
Age Limit:
Minimum 12 years
Weight Requirement:
35 kg-110 kg

3. Mountain Biking
The road less traveled and the adventure less hear but Mountain Biking is probably the most different adventure activity in Rishikesh. Going through those rocky terrains and feeling the adrenaline throughout every vein of your body is one of the many experiences that very less people are lucky to have. With plenty of companies renting bikes you can have all of the fun you want for how long as you want in Rishikesh.

With the whole Rishikesh and its surrounding area you have lots of things to explore with ample of time pedalling through your bike and be careful to avoid monsoon season for this activity.

4. Paragliding
There you have it your dream adventure gliding in the sky for as much as you wish to and watching over the whole city of Rishikesh with only you between the white clouds and the land of earth. A perfect activity for anyone with any age group who wants to explore the sky of this world and feel the experience of flying free in this world for at least once in your life.

This activity should also be avoided during Monsoon.
5. Flying Fox
Only attached to a harness and flying freely from one station to another is delightful as it sounds to be. On a height of 7 meters above from ground and at a speed 160 km/hr all of these no. combined are as thrilling as anything can be. Thus Flying Fox perfectly defines the word adventure activity and should be taken as a challenge by everyone.

With the minimum age requirement for 12 years and weight requirement of 20-130 kg some rules are need to be respected before attempting this activity.

Thus going to Rishikesh will give you the perfect memoir of your life and you will be hanged attached to this place for a very long time in your life.