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6 common myths about a professional photographer in India

Photography in India has become a craze among the youth. Several youngsters feel really passionate about photography and buy DSLRs to capture memorable moments to learn photography.

However, professional photography is much more than that. You need to be an expert in your field to get works from your clients frequently.

Many people in India do not have a clear idea about professional photography and there are plenty of myths associated with photographers. Let’s check these 6 common myths about professional photography and photographer.

1. A professional photographer only needs a Facebook page and official website to get clients:

In order to be successful as a professional photographer in India, you need to do build connections with the potential clients. Photographers need to create an official website and a Facebook page to attract the attention of potential customers, but it is not enough.

You have to show your portfolio on Instagram and Pinterest. Portfolios tell a lot about the photographer’s style of photography. Other than that, you have to create a good reputation in the market to get more and more clients.

2. You can make your own working hours:

There are many people who think a professional photographer gets an opportunity to choose the working hours as per convenience, which is not true at all. In fact, the reality is completely opposite.
As a professional photographer, you have to be really flexible. The photographers rarely get a chance to work when they prefer to and the working hours can be brutal.

There are a lot of professional photographers who begin their works at 4 or 5 in the mornings and complete their works at night. Most of the time, the photographers do their jobs as per the demands of their clients. They do not get the freedom to choose when they will work.

3. Photography is an easy professional:

A lot of people think they can become a professional photographer and the job of a photographer is not really difficult. As a professional photographer, you have to understand how the lighting works. You need to gain knowledge about various technical aspects of your work you need a lot of training to become a professional photographer. So, it is not easy to become a professional photographer.

4. Professional photography is all about a great camera:

It is one of the most popular myths associated with photography and photographers. Many people think a photographer can take great photos because of his great camera.

A camera is just a tool that provides an opportunity to execute a photographer’s skills. The camera is not the mastermind behind amazing photographs.
It takes years of experience, a lot of practice and photography skills to take great photos. An amateur even with an expensive camera can not outperform any professional photographer who has a low-budget camera.

5. Clients will always appreciate your creativity:

A popular myth associated with professional photography is that the clients will always appreciate your innovative ideas and it is definitely a wrong assumption. One of the lessons that a professional photographer learns is that the clients will not always understand his vision and ideas.

Even though thee clients expect your pictures to be out of the box, they may have their own opinions when they see the photographs. Your opinion and the opinions of your clients may clash and it can come in the way of your work. In order to get rid of this problem, ask your clients to show examples that reflect their own ideas and also ask them whether they want their photos to be photo shopped.

6. Professional photographers do not click bad pictures:

People think when a photographer has years of experience, a lot of practice and photography skills, he does not take bad pictures. It is a wrong assumption as it is not possible for professional photographers to take amazing pictures in every single click.

Every professional photographer takes both good and bad pictures and he generally deletes or edits those bad pictures before providing them to his clients.

If you want to become a professional photographer in India, it is better for you to set aside these myths. If you notice your clients have any kind of wrong assumption about your profession, talk to them to clear up the misunderstanding.