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5 Things You Can Learn from Your Kids’ and Things That They Will Learn from You

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“When you see a child, you smile. You do it unintentionally. Then you think of how less you smile now compared to when you were younger.”

Smile! It’s the purest thing your child can teach you. But the list of things that you can learn from your child isn’t just limited to this. So, what can parents learn from their kids?

  • It could be as simple as a lesson that you learned in the past but have now forgotten or
  • Details in a particular situation that your kids notice,but you overlook or
  • It could be something new that your children simply know more about than you

From appreciating life more to knowing modern technology, sometimes kids just know more than you do about certain things!

Here are a few things that you, as a parent,can learn from your children, if you listen and make the most of your time together:

Using Computer Interface

The tech-savvy generation is naturally proficient at using a computer and have a flair for troubleshooting. Therefore, if you freeze when confronted with a technology glitch, its best to turn to your kids.

By learning to use the computer interface, parents can easily:

  • Browse for recipes online
  • Watch their favorite TV shows on Netflix and even
  • Skype all their loved ones


Regardless of whether it’s texting,programming the laptop, or making the best use of social media channels, most parents will discover that their kids are one step ahead of them.

Parents can, therefore, take an interest in technology, let the kids demonstrate a couple of things, and discover common grounds that can prompt topics for discussion.


Parents are often stunned when they find out about new trends on the late night news- when they finally get some time to watch television. From cyber bullying to teenagers manhandling drugs, it’s vital for parents to recognize what’s happening on the planet their kids live in.

Along these lines, parents can build up a trusting relationship with their kids, so that they also find out about these things from their children— not just the news.

Because kids know such a great deal about technology, it doesn’t mean they have the judgement and knowledge required to experience the world all alone. Parental help with respect to providing guidance and financial smartness will never be supplanted by advances in technology.

Therefore, parent’s job in their youngsters’ lives becomes way more important as they attempt to explore their way through the entanglements of day to day life. When it comes to managing money the right way, there are a couple of things parents can teach their children:

Saving Regularly

When you build up your emergency fund or put aside money in your savings account every month, your kids can likewise get familiar with the significance of saving money. For this purpose, you can give them a jar for every one of their desired purchases and allot their pocket-money in a denomination that encourages savings.

For instance, if you give your child five hundred rupees a week, offer them 5notes of hundred denomination. In this way, they can save all their money for one buy, or they can add to various jars for different savings goals.

Spending Money Wisely

When parents plan a holiday, work with a budget or make decisions about allocating money for household needs, item powers children to comprehend the significance of spending wisely.

For instance, if you take a bus instead of a taxi, it may enable you to spend on extra scoops of delicious ice creams, thus, providing your kids with the ability to understand how spending money wisely -on right things- is noteworthy!

Parent’s Must Invest in Their Children’s Future, Now!

It takes only two to make a child, but it takes a whole village to raise it.’ This old adage explains the efforts needed to raise children. For every parent, children’s well-being is the top priority, which is the reason it bodes well to invest in their secure future.

Given the increasing expense of education, the financial support that parents provide their children can help them build a bright and successful career. For this purpose, parents can invest in ‘best investment plan for child future’ which are offered by life insurers these days.These plans, which are essentially child education plans, allow parents to accumulate the desired corpus for funding their children’s education needs.

Moreover, reputable insurers like Max Life Insurance offer child education plans which are a perfect combination of investment as well as life insurance protection for the insured ’s family. Meaning, by investing in the best investment plan for child’s future, you not only get the total maturity value at the end of the policy term but also a lump-sum payout, which is immediately made on your untimely demise.

Most importantly, all the future premiums are also waived off in the event of demise of the insured parent. Moreover, these investment plans for your child’s future are equipped with benefits like:

  • Unlimited free switches between funds
  • Option of partial withdrawal
  • Tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D)

Thus, by financial planning for child’s future, you can offer your child the best financial support while you raise him/her to face the world and be strong!