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5 Best Places To Buy Property In The State Of California

Everybody dreams of a beautiful home in the vicinity of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Isn’t the mere thought of such a house mesmerizing? Our motherland America, luckily, has plenty of such places where you can think of settling if you are bored with the daily tug between work and life. This article explores and brings to you the best regions in the state of California where you can enjoy your days peacefully all the time. Here are the best places in the state of California:

1. Moreno Valley

Located in Riverside County, Moreno Valley is the home to more than two hundred thousand inhabitants. There are various geographical embellishments ornamenting this second largest city in the county on its different sides. On one side it has the beautiful San Gorgonio Pass and Coachella Valley. On the south front, it has lake Perris and the San Jacinto Mountains, whereas to the north it has San Bernardino Mountains. The city has an area of about 51.5 square miles, offering around a square mile to more than four thousand people.

2. Newport Beach

Home to about eighty-six thousand inhabitants this beautiful coastal city is situated in Orange County, California. The beautiful view of the beaches and the soothing coastal breeze in the evening. What else could anyone wish for? The pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year making it ideal for all sorts of water sports and adventures.

3. Lake Keowee, Salem

For the nature lovers who wish to mingle with nature but do not want to drop modern facilities, Lake Keowee, Salem in southern California could be ideal. Sitting by the lake in the evening can soothe your soul. The Lake Keowee was formed in the twentieth century when Duke Power Company built a dam on the Keowee River, submerging the Keowee City. You can buy homes on Lake Keowee to enjoy a divine dome of nature surrounding you. You can go fishing by the lake on weekends, you can even go boating or diving in parts of the lake.

4. Indio

Another one from Riverside County, Indio is located in the Coachella Valley of the Colorado Desert. With an average temperature between 96.8 F to 67.2 F around the year, this place offers a beautiful landscape to all its inhabitants. The population of this city is around ninety thousand, spread over an area of about 33.23 square miles.

5. Laguna Beach

Finally, a seaside resort city that most of the Americans have been waiting for. This city is known for its year-round mild climate, a community of artists, scenic coves, and environmental preservation. One can truly enjoy nature in all of its beautiful forms at just one place. Although the property here is a bit expensive, if you can afford it, this one could be the best place you’ll ever live in for the best of your experience.

All of these cities have something to offer that the other does not. Except, all of these cities are peaceful and away from the wall street effect.