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5 Affordable Sofa Beds which Will Make Space in Your Living Room

Are you looking for multipurpose sofas that will make your sitting room look spacious and open? Are you also looking for a couch that can be perhaps slept on without having your legs or feet fall off? If your answer is in the affirmative, then what you are looking for are sofa beds. If you are unaware of what a sofa bed is then let us explain. A sofa bed looks like a regular sofa (three-seater mostly), but the front seat of the sofa can be pulled out, making it a very comfortable and reliable bed when needed. When the front seat is pulled out, it automatically puts the backseat down, levelling the whole surface like a real bed. To make your living or sitting room look beautiful without taking up too much space, here is a list of 5 sofa beds that will look great without emptying your bank account.

1. The leather sofa bed

This is by far the most commonly used sofa bed but rightly so. Leather sofas are timeless, and a little investment can go a long way. A black leather sofa bed will look good in any interior that you have. Whether your place has tiling, vinyl or wood flooring, a leather sofa will look stylish with any of those and will be functional too. Dark leather can go with any colour scheme that you may have. Furniture in Fashion has some amazing leather sofa beds that you can choose from.

2. The one with the wooden legs

These sofa beds are those that we see in fancy furniture shops. Mind you, despite being featured in fancy magazines and shops there are affordable options that can be found if you look a little deeper. These sofas have beautiful light wood legs, and the upholstery is usually a bright colour too. If your living space has a lot of white and pastel colours, then this sofa will look absolutely stunning in it!

3. The one with a luxurious look

These sofa beds are loungey modern ones. They generally have a very luxurious look which instantly makes you think how soft they just might be! (Which is entirely true) Try getting this sofa in a gemstone colour like emerald green, sapphire blue or a purple pink. If you can get one in velvet upholstery, that’s a bonus. Sofas like this can be perfect for adding colour and can make any room look bright and cosy.

4. The one with the double seats

These sofas are commonly used as well. Under the front seat is an extension which is pulled out and so is the front seat. When backseat is pulled down which makes a very long and spacious bed like one could not imagine a two-seater to be. This is perfect for people who further want to further save up on space.

5. The one with the L shape

These are corner sofa beds, and unlike the rest described above, they can make a bed big enough for two people. Being a little on the heavier side, these sofas are for slightly larger rooms. Available in multiple styles at Furniture in Fashion, they can add great seating space in the day and sleeping space at night.