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4 Tips to pick bangles according to occasions

Women bangles have always been the part of Indian traditions, culture and occasions. Women prefer to wear bangles with every ethnic wear on different occasions, be it saree or suit or lehenga. The bangles enhance the appeal of the outfit and compliments it briefly. But picking up right bangles is not as easy as wearing them.

Here are a few tips to help you in picking right bangles:

1. Look for different materials

Women bangles are usually made of metals like gold, silver, and platinum; but at times they are also made of other materials like glass, plastics, and woods amongst others. It’s not mandatory to wear only one kind of bangles, you can also go for other materials as per your outfit.

2. Right size matters

Whether you pick up an evening dress or a pair of shoes, right size always matters for everything. Buying a size smaller or bigger is definitely not a good option. When picking up bangles, go for the right size. Always follow the theory of first try and then buy.

3. Bracelets are good substitutes

If you don’t want to wear bangles as it’s sometimes difficult to carry bangles on every occasion. You can opt for women bracelets as well. There are bangles style bracelets which are basically developed with the idea of bangles only. They are stiff rings that slip over onto the wrist and lookalike bangles. Online bracelets are easily available in different designs and styles.

4. The perfect match

The perfect colour match of bangles with your outfit is very important.  What colour goes with your dress needs to be ascertained first before you select the right bangle. Always select a colour that accentuates the colour of your dress. You can also mix two or three colours of bangles to make a perfect set.

Bangles might be a popular accessory and looks simple, but it is not an easy task to select the right kind of bangles. But the right bangles will contribute to your diva look. They will enhance the beauty of you and your outfit. You can also wear bangles with your western wear. If you’re going for a date with your loved one you can opt for a bohemian chic look and in this case a number of colorful bangles is the best choice. You can effortlessly find right bangles from an extensive collection of online bracelets and bangles available at InidaRush.